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Battleplan American Civil War - PC Windows

Battleplan American Civil War - PC Windows

Battleplan American Civil War - PC Windows

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    Welcome to ‘fastplay wargaming’, a new kind of strategy game experience.

    Battleplan: American Civil War is an exciting top-down real time/turn-based hybrid strategy game. Take command of either Confederate or Union troops and fight your way through ten of the American Civil War’s most famous battles.

    Experience the excitement and satisfaction of co-ordinating plans, seeing them through, revising them dynamically and achieving victory over an opponent with several strategies to employ against you.

    A pure strategy experience, Battleplan: American Civil War’s gameplay focuses solely on battle management – the only thing you have to worry about is where best to send your troops and how best to keep them supplied.

    The short, demanding battles can be ideal for brief journeys as each can take as little as ten minutes to play.

    • Play as Union or Confederate
    • Campaign or one off-battles
    • Three difficulty settings
    • Historically faithful simulation of large-scale battles at divisional and brigade level
    • Factor in weather & reinforcements
    • Random reinforcements and No Pause mode for a greater challenge
    • Unique ‘automatic’ and high-level command battle mechanics
    • Manage messengers and lines of communication
    • Historically accurate corps commander personalities
    • Build pontoons and earthworks
    • Ammunition and supply management

    Learn to control your armies, think strategically, and unfold complex attacks in the face of a cunning enemy while dealing with an ever-changing battlefield.

    Experience the excitement and satisfaction of co-ordinating plans, seeing them through, revising them dynamically and achieving victory over an opponent capable of surprising you with unorthodox plans of their own.

    Key Features

    • Scale - Terrain is scaled so that most battles cover an average of six miles by four, though larger battles are scaled appropriately.
    • Timescale – One minute of game time equals two hours of scaled historical time.
    • Unit size – Brigades are between a few hundred and a few thousand men, with each brigade broken down into sub-units of around 100 men.
    • Objectives – specific location-based objectives based for each battle, fought against the clock and tied to historical circumstances.
    • Historical accuracy - Brigade, division and Generals names are all exactly as they were in the real historical battles. Orders of battle are also historically correct, with precise overall figures. Initial deployments and the battlefields themselves are faithful digital recreations of conditions in the real battles.
    • Campaigns and single missions – the game is structured around two historically important campaigns. As you progress through these campaigns, single missions become unlocked and are then available to play.
    • Campaigns and Quick Battles - play a campaign, comprising 10 chronological historical battles, as either the Union or Confederate, or play one-off quick battles. The further you progress in the campaign the more battles you unlock to play again. Complete the campaign and you unlock an additional, 11th battle.
    • Special unit types – Artillery comes in three different types, and must be deployed carefully for maximum effect.
    • Keep artillery in ammunition with your supply wagons.
    • There are also Commander-in-Chief units, which are the nerve centres of the armies. These are capable of providing a morale boost to all surrounding units, and all battlefield decisions are ordered by these units, and delivered by messengers to other units. Again, you must place your C-in-C units wisely to make sure your instructions are carried out.

    Steam account required for game activation and installation

    Windows XP
    Pentium 4 or Athlon 64
    1 GB memory
    Fraphics GL 2.1
    400 MB disk space
    Integrated sound card

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